About us

Layasdun is located in Zhishan town, Heshan city which is the hometown of sanitary ware in Guangdong Pearl River delta. It is a professional production of various high profile bathroom taps and accessories manufacturer.

Our company has advanced and high-class production equipment and technical talented person. The products are used advanced technical equipment with leading technology and excellent quality; they come to the fore among the other brands of sanitary ware.

As a rising star in bathroom industry, we have so high quality, new styles and good after-sales service that we have become a building materials market, dealers and a preferred brand of sanitary ware manufacturers supporting. Our special design has gained the merchants and customers’ favor and trust.

Technology makes perfection. Let our products decorate your bathroom space into an artistic palace.



作为卫浴行业的后起之秀,凭着上乘的质量、新颖的款式及周到的售后服务,成为建材市场、经销商及 洁具生产厂家配套的首选品牌,产品畅销国内外,特色的设计赢得商家和客户称赞和信赖。